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Transform your fitness journey at our NY studio

Empowering experience, expert guidance, and a revitalised you awaits.

Welcome to our NY Pilates studio, where we embrace individuals of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner embarking on a transformative journey, our studio is your sanctuary for an empowered well-being. Experience the synergy of expert guidance and personalized workouts designed to cater to every fitness goal what ever your starting level.

What is pilates

Pilates is a form of movement exercise that can help you to improve your well-being- whether it be overcoming an injury, discomfort or to generally improve your health and fitness potential.


We offer 50 minute classes and individual sessions 5 days a week. please note that through North Yorkshire school holidays our timetable may change.

Featured Classes

Individual/Duet Sessions

50 min bespoke session tailored to your specific needs (up to 2 people can attend, but 1 person pays) You will work across the equipment, including the Reformer. We encourage Individual sessions prior to starting in group classes at a discounted price.

Fundamentals Class

This Reformer class is suitable for Beginners and those who prefer a slower pace class. We work safely to gain confidence with the equipment, with low level exercise options.

Flow Class

A fun, flowing and dynamic Reformer class that challenges your core strength and movement range, to build a strong and flexible body. *suitable for those who have experience on the Reformer

Rehab / Natal

This class is suitable for anyone pre-natal, pre/post knee/hip replacement, chronic backpain, low level/poor confidence etc, or post-natal (in the early stages of coming back to exercise),