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Focused occasions on specific subjects; our practical workshops offer specialised tuition, designed to improve your technique, movement and ability.

Beginners Workshop

Aimed at anyone who is new to Pilates or the Pilates Equipment.

Runners Workshop

Our Runners workshop is aimed at runners who would like to improve their flexibility and strength; 'increase your running ability; run further, faster and stay injury free'. Suitable for all levels of runner.

Healthy Necks and Shoulders Workshop

This workshop is designed to answer some common questions about neck & back pain, Learn simple exercises that will leave you feeling like you're floating with confidence.

Golfers Workshop

Our Golfers workshop is designed with the golfer in mind; we want to help you improve your swing so you can hit your ball further.

Cyclists Workshop

Whether you are a professional cyclist wanting to stay injury-free, new to the sport or simply looking to improve your form with techniques outside of the saddle, this workshop is suitable for you.

Horseriders Workshop

This equestrian workshop is beneficial to any rider who would like to improve their flexibility, their balance and optimal riding experience. You will be provided with 'off the horse' exercises to help improve communication between you and your horse.


This Swimming workshop focuses on dryland training, to help you develop a stronger, more efficient stroke. This workshop is suitable for all levels of swimmer who would like to develop aquatic postural awareness and have an understanding of swimming technique.